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How do I know my furniture will fit?


Before your new furniture arrives, it's really important to check that it will fit. Here are a few helpful hints and tips to ensure your delivery day will go smoothly. 

Where can I find the dimensions of my furniture? 

The dimensions of your new furniture can be found on the relevant product page on our website. Top tip: It can be useful to cut out a paper template to check if these dimensions will fit through the narrowest parts of your home and will fit in the room the furniture will be going in. 

What if I don't think my furniture will fit? 

If you have concerns over access to your property or if you're unsure about whether your furniture will fit, please get in touch as soon as possible via our live chat service.


fit guide.PNGfit guide 2.PNG


To learn more about measuring for your new furniture and preparing for your delivery, see our Sofa Measuring Guide.

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