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How do I get an update on my parts order?

If we have ordered specialist parts from the manufacturer, once they arrive, we will be in touch with you by phone to arrange either a further visit to fit them or, if you prefer, we can post them. 

Our parts typically take 8 weeks to arrive at our distribution centre. However, you may be aware that there is a significant strain on global supply chains affecting the majority of UK retailers and manufacturers at present.  

Because of these issues and despite our very best efforts, there may be a delay with your parts. 

There is no need to contact us as we are working hard to chase your parts and will contact you as soon as they arrive so that we can get them to you as quickly as possible. 

However, if you have any further concerns about the quality of your furniture, please get in touch by calling customer support on 0333 9999 777.

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Was this helpful?

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